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Portada del magazine Soy Emprendedora

Clara Trullenque aparece como imagen de portada en la revista de negocios Soy Emprendedora del mes de julio 2017. A través de esta entrevista, la periodista y presentadora relata desde sus inicios en la televisión en España hasta su aterrizaje en el país de las oportunidades. Nueva York, California, Miami y Houston. ¡No te pierdas su historia!1234567

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Clara Trullenque

A Spanish Journalist and Mass Media Graduate who loves to be a "storyteller". She is a TV Anchor, PR and a reporter. She lived and worked in New York City from 2012 until 2016, when she joined Univision45 Houston to get the great opportunity of working as a Weather and Traffic Anchor & Entertainment anchor at Primera Edición Texas, the morning show the tv channel broadcasts from 4am to 7am. Currently, she works as a TV Correspondent for two Spanish and English Digital Tv channels and as a Digital Content Creator in Miami. She runs her own immigration segment on tv and builds stories related to the hispanic community. She is also a Spanish teacher graduate and she currently teaches her native language in her free time, something she enjoys doing so much and relaxes her.