Atentados 11 de septiembre – 9/11 World Trade Center Anniversary


La tragedia que la ciudad de Nueva York, y en definitiva el mundo entero, vivió ese 11 de septiembre de 2001, siempre se recordará. Hacemos balance de estos 14 años del comúnmente conocido como 11S.

A continuación, la cobertura del 14 aniversario del ataque terrorista contra Estados Unidos. Nueva York. Conexión en vivo con el noticiero del canal NEX TV en Panamá desde Manhattan (NY).


The tragedy New York City lived, and ultimately the whole world, the 11th fo September 2001, will always be remembered. We take stock of these 14 years of the commonly known as 11S. 

Below you can see the coverage of the 14th anniversary of the terrorist attack to the United States. New York City. Broadcast live from Manhattan, NY, with NEX TV, a news tv channel in Panama. 


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Clara Trullenque

A Spanish Journalist and Mass Media Graduate who loves to be a "storyteller". She is a TV Anchor, PR and a reporter. She lived and worked in New York City from 2012 until 2016, when she joined Univision45 Houston to get the great opportunity of working as a Weather and Traffic Anchor & Entertainment anchor at Primera Edición Texas, the morning show the tv channel broadcasts from 4am to 7am. Currently, she works as a TV Correspondent for two Spanish and English Digital Tv channels and as a Digital Content Creator in Miami. She runs her own immigration segment on tv and builds stories related to the hispanic community. She is also a Spanish teacher graduate and she currently teaches her native language in her free time, something she enjoys doing so much and relaxes her.